A guide to corporate social responsibility

1.5 CPD


In terms of the current focus on corporate social responsibility, financial service providers and business managers are required to consider their social obligations when managing their business.

This course provides key information on the broad umbrella term of “corporate social responsibility” , used to refer to ethical codes, corporate social responsibility, King IV, treating customers fairly and human rights.


Focus Area

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of business ethics, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
  • Explain why business ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are important organisational goals within any financial services industry business
  • Explain how business ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility relates to legislative requirements and regulatory initiatives in the financial services industry (such as Treating Customers Fairly)
  • Describe the compliance requirements and risks related to these concepts
  • Explain how financial services businesses can manage their compliance risks relating to these concepts.

Who should register?

Financial planners, financial advisors, para-planners and business owners will benefit from enrolling for this course.

CPD information

1.5 CPD Hours



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