Compliance Reporting

3.5 CPD


This module will discuss the main aim of compliance reporting and the related processes. which supports the aim of reporting and the practical requirements thereof including developing skills.


Focus Area

  1. Discuss the main aims of compliance-related reporting
  2. Identify and explain compliance and regulatory reporting requirements relevant to the organisation
  3. Discuss compliance reporting methodologies and approaches
  4. Discuss how reporting standard, guidelines and templates may be harmonised in an organisation
  5. Identify and discuss how an organisation’s governance structures relate to compliance reporting
  6. Discuss the need for a reporting escalation policy that aligns with the organisation’s governance structures and its materiality levels
  7. Discuss the influence of the various target audiences’ requirements on compliance reports, e.g. how would a report to top management differ from a report that is intended for line management
  8. Discuss the different types, purpose, format and content of compliance reports (e.g. dashboards)

Who should register?
Compliance personnel, risk management personnel, business owners, key individuals