Cyber Resilience : A Roadmap



Managing cyber risks has become an essential component of business management today. Individuals and business entities should, therefore, understand the cyber security environment and cyber security threats and risks, and have a cyber resilience risk management strategy in place.

This module provides knowledge of the potential threats and risks, and unpacks different solutions and protection mechanisms, providing the steps to becoming cyber resilient.


Focus Area

  • Understand the cyber security environment.
  • Recognize the different threat actors that are active in the cyber threat environment.
  • Have an understanding of the main attack methods used by the threat actors to gain entry to systems, networks and data.
  • Identify a number of protection mechanisms that can be utilized to defend against possible attacks.
  • Understand that a cyber resilience plan is required to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Implement a basic cyber security resilience plan.

Who should register?

Financial planners, financial advisors, para-planners and business owners will benefit from enrolling for this course.

CPD information

2 CPD Hours


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