F&I Vehicle Warranties



This course is intended to help the learner understand the very basics of how a vehicle engine works and the components that make up the engine.  It will also illustrate what vehicle warranties and other associated short-term insurance products are, and how they work in terms of stakeholders’ obligations.  This module also highlights the regulatory demands of transparency, and the avoidance of any conflict of interest, which is usually associated with relationships between stakeholders for monetary gain


Focus Area

  • Explain the difference between a warranty and a guarantee as well as identify with the terms ‘express’ or ‘implied’ warranties.
  • Understand the concept of the workings within a typical four stroke combustion engine, how all the different components work together to give motion and what is generally covered under a standard generic warranty.
  • Identify with the regulatory environment that surrounds the promotion and selling of warranties, and the related short-term insurance products in terms of transparency and the avoidance of any conflict of interest.

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