Fundamentals of Business Assurance

6.5 CPD


This course is designed to provide guidance on the purpose, principles, main rules and tax implications of business assurance. It is not a comprehensive study of corporate or business financial planning as the aim is to serve as a refresher on the main concepts or to build fundamental knowledge on business assurance.


Focus Area

  • Distinguish between the different business structures and understand the fundamentals of income tax and estate duty
  • Understand the fundamentals of buy-and-sell agreements and their income tax and estate duty implications
  • Understand the fundamentals of key person insurance and the income tax and estate duty implications
  • Distinguish between preferred and deferred compensation schemes and their funding and tax implications
  • Understand business contingency, credit and debit loans, funding and as well as their income tax and estate duty implications

Who should register?

Financial advisors, Financial planning assistants

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