Introduction to South African Legal Systems

3.5 CPD


This course is aimed at providing a broad overview of the South African legal regime. A broad understanding of the structure and hierarchy of the South African legal system will enable financial advisors to understand which sources of law they should be familiar with. An understanding of the legal regime will also enable industry leaders to remain relevant in a fast-changing landscape. This course therefore focuses on assisting financial advisors in understanding the role and application of sources of law, with the focus on the South African financial services industry.


Focus Area

  • An understanding of the key elements comprising the South African legal system
  • An understanding of the supremacy of the South African Constitution
  • An understanding of how South African legislation fits within the hierarchy of the South African legal regime
  • An understanding of common law and customary law
  • An awareness of the South African court structure and the authority of court decisions
  • An awareness of foreign law and international law
  • An awareness of the authority and application of legal provisions pertaining to financial services

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Financial advisors

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