Leveraging on Emotional Intelligence



Personal intelligence, which is a combination of Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient, is a great benefit to everyday life. Learning how to handle these is a key step in the development of personal intelligence.

This module is predominantly focused on assisting the learner with leveraging personal intelligence in business relationships, but the principles apply to all aspects of life and living.


Focus Area:

  1. The course will provide a high-level overview of different leadership/management styles and how they relate to personal intelligence.
  2. provides the learner with the background to the development of IQ and IQ assessments and its uses.  It covers the measurements used, the different types of intelligences.  There are also sample IQ questions.
  3. explains the importance of EQ and how EQ and IQ are equally important.  It covers the requirements of EQ, how it is measured and the competencies required for each component.

The course covers the intersection of IQ and EQ to reach Personal Intelligence.  It offers self-assessment questions in order for the learner to undertake a degree of introspection. Endeavours to assist the learner in improving their Personal Intelligence quotient to benefit interpersonal relationships and improve personal and professional interactions.

Who should register?

Financial planners, Financial advisors, Para-planners, Business owners

CPD information

2 CPD Hours


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