Terms & Conditions

Cancellation by MBSE

  1. MBSE reserves the right to cancel a facilitated training intervention due to insufficient student numbers or unforeseen circumstances.
  2. If MBSE cancels a facilitated training intervention, students will be offered a full refund, or students will be given the opportunity to attend the intervention at a future date.

Cancellation by Student

  1. Fees paid are not transferable to another student.
  2. In case of a cancellation after registration, but before material is received or access is granted to online course material, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
  3. A 100% cancellation fee (thus no refund) will apply if any material has already been received or online access granted. (Hard copy/Electronic copy)
  4. Cancellations will be accepted in writing only and refund requests must be made by the registered student.
  5. Refund requests must be done by completing the relevant application form and submitting this with the relevant supporting documentation.

Courses attended for CPD

  1. In order to verify a student’s identity for any CPD approved event that requires physical attendance, proof in the form of a valid ID document, passport or drivers license will be required. A physical attendance register will be kept at all events and the student will be required to sign in, attend for the full duration of the event, and sign out at the end of the event.
  2. MBSE will provide a certificate of attendance / completion for CPD activities confirming the number of CPD hours for regulatory purposes. It remains the student’s responsibility to upload / communicate /update their own records with their professional body regarding the CPD points earned for professional designation purposes.

Courses attended for COB

  1. Please note: No CPD points will be allocated/reflected on your certificate for COB (Class of Business) products