Terms & Conditions

Cancellation by Student

  1. Fees paid are not transferable to another student and fees cannot be allocated to another course should a student want to make a change of course.
  2. In case of a cancellation after payment has been made, but before material is received or access is granted to online course material, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
  3. In case of a cancellation after payment has been made and material has been received or access granted to online course material, a 100% cancellation fee (thus no refund) will apply if any material has been accessed.
  4. Cancellations will be accepted in writing only and refund requests must be made by the registered student to the accounts department at accounts@mbse.ac.za
  5. Refund requests must be done by completing the relevant application form and submitting the application form with the relevant supporting documentation.
  6. In the event of the student being enrolled by his/her employer and his/her employer being a corporate client of MBSE, then the corporate client must provide the cancellation in respect of the contract concluded between the client and MBSE. The student cannot request a refund for fees paid by his/her employer directly to MBSE under an agreement with MBSE. All provisions regarding cancellation in the agreement between the Parties will be applicable.

Courses attended for CPD

  1. MBSE will provide a certificate of attendance / completion for CPD activities confirming the number of CPD hours for regulatory purposes. It remains the student’s responsibility to upload / communicate /update their own records with their professional body regarding the CPD points earned for professional designation purposes.
  2. Where a student has enrolled for a CPD activity and does not attend same before the accreditation expiry date (whether annually or otherwise), the student will no longer have access to the specific CPD activity. It is therefore the student’s responsibility to complete the specific CPD activity prior to the accreditation expiry date.
  3. Request for rewrites on the Final Assessment need to be done by the student via email to accounts@mbse.ac.za

Courses attended for COB

  1. No CPD points will be allocated/reflected on your certificate for COB (Class of Business) products.