Financial Intelligence Center Act (FICA) Awareness Training

3.5 CPD


The FICA Awareness Training is aimed at employees of accountable institutions and covers basic money-laundering and terrorist financing concepts, anti-money-laundering legislation in South Africa, the risk-based approach, and looks at the requirements for customer due diligence, reporting of certain transactions and record-keeping requirements.


Terrorist Financing
This topic provides an explanation of Terrorism, Sources of Terrorist financing, the objectives of Terrorist organisations and the impact of Money-laundering and financing terrorism.

Anti-money laundering legislation
This topic looks at the various Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) legislation in South Africa. Legislation covered include FICA, POCA and POCDATARA.

Role players and their responsibilities
This topic focuses on the various players in the AML/CFT arena and explains their responsibilities in terms of Reporting, Risk Management, Internal Controls, Customers Due Diligence, Record Keeping and the Impact on Employees, etc.

Students will have 6 months to complete the programme.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion once the Final Assessment has been completed.

Continuous professional Development (CPD)
This short course has been approved as a CPD Activity. On successful completion, you will receive 3.5 CPD Hours for regulatory purposes.

For FPI members:
3.5 CPD Points for Ethics & Practice Standards


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