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Accreditation expiry date: 31/05/2024

A medical scheme is a not-for-profit organisation that provides funds to pay for a client’s medical expenses, with specific limitations based on the plan type the member selected. If a client has not made provision for medical cover by becoming a member of a medical scheme, and a medical emergency arises, his other investments may need to be cashed in to pay for the treatment. A medical scheme, together with Short- and Long-term Insurance, forms part of wealth protection. Medical cover is a vital part of a client’s financial plan, as good medical treatment is very costly, and state hospitals are not currently delivering good service.

Medical cover should, therefore, rank high on the list of priorities in the client’s overall financial plan. There are various laws created to protect the customer in this area, as well as new legislation that will impact all residents that require medical services.

The purpose of this course is first to provide you with an overview of the main role-players and market participants in the financial services sector, as well as an overview of the regulatory landscape that governs the financial services sector.

Secondly, this course will provide knowledge of legislation impacting on the health services benefits class of business.

Thirdly this course will provide you with core knowledge and understanding of characteristics, terms, and features of products in the health services benefits class of business; including typical fee structures, charges, and other costs and risks associated with purchasing or transacting in these products. This knowledge is essential when assessing different product/ benefit options and providing suitable advice to clients on health services benefits products.

This course will also provide you with an understanding of personal financial planning and typical client financial needs as healthcare is an important aspect to take into consideration when advising a client on his personal financial planning.


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Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • identify the main role-players and market participants in the financial services industry, including their legal structure.
  • demonstrate an understanding of general legislation and codes of conduct applicable to the financial services industry.
  • identify the general (risk and investment) financial needs of clients or groups of clients explain how specific aspects of the Medical Schemes Act, National Health Insurance, demarcation regulations under the Long- and Short-term Insurance Acts, and other applicable legislation will impact on health services products.
  • describe the characteristics, terms, and features of health services products.
  • describe the typical fee structures, charges and other costs associated with health services product benefit options.
  • describe the risks associated with investing, purchasing or transacting in health services products.
  • assess the appropriateness of specific health services product benefit options for specific client needs.
  • describe the options and strategies applicable to specific products in the health services class of business to suit the needs of different investors.
  • explain the tax implications applicable to products in the health services benefits class of business.

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