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What is Moonstone Investment Indicators and how can it be used towards CPD?
Moonstone Investment Indicators, which provides readers with investment information, regulatory changes and industry news that affects the investment and long-term insurance sector of the industry, is an FPI-approved CPD publication.
It can thus be used towards earning Regulatory CPD hours to maintain your fit and proper status.
The FPI has awarded 0.5 CPD hours for each weekly edition, provided that you also successfully complete an assessment (3-5 questions) as ‘verification’ that you have actually completed the necessary reading.
A minimum of 100% is required to pass an assessment but you will have ample opportunities to achieve this result.

Date available
From 9 July 2018 ongoing

Method of learning
Online access to Moonstone Investment Indicator editions and related assessments.

What will registration enable you to do?
You will be able to access weekly Moonstone Investment Indicator editions with news articles and related assessments online and earn 0.5 Regulatory CPD hours per successfully completed assessment.
Registration provides access for 12 editions & assessments.

R750 per quarter (excl. VAT).

CPD confirmation
A certificate confirming the number of CPD hours for Regulatory purposes can be printed out after each successful completion of an assessment relating to a specific edition of the Moonstone Investment Indicators.

Who should register?
Representatives and key individuals who would like to keep up with industry news and the latest legislation developments and would like to earn CPD hours for reading the articles and answering related assessment questions.

Availability of Moonstone Investment Indicators for CPD purposes
Enrolments will be processed from Monday to Friday.
The delegate will be linked to online access on MyMBSE, after payment is made and the registration and enrolment is finalised by Moonstone Business School. Three business days should be allowed for this process to be completed initially.
Once successfully enrolled, each week on Moday, the relevant weekly edition and related online assessment will become available.
The delegate will have access to the online system for the 12 editions and will be able to read editions and complete assessments.

How to register
Navigate to to register


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