Supervision Requirements : FAIS Notice 86 of 2018



Accreditation expiry date: 31/05/2024

Professional Body: CISA
Approval Number: MoE2023060004

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • compare the provisions of the new exemption to those of the previous exemption.
  • understand and explain when a representative may be appointed under supervision.
  • know what the entry-level requirements for a representative working under supervision are.
  • understand, explain and apply the seven conditions of the exemption; i.e. entry-level requirements, specific compliance periods, supervision agreement, duties of the FSP, duties of the supervisor, duties of the representative and intensity of supervision.
  • know and apply the steps for appointing a representative under supervision.
  • incorporate supervision according to the new exemption in your FSP.

Who Should Register

  • Representative


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