Getting to know POPIA


Moonstone Business School of Excellence (MBSE) offers a comprehensive three-module online training course for executives or management to effectively govern the application of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) within their organisations.

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Moonstone Business School of Excellence (MBSE) offers an interactive video training course for organisations to raise awareness of POPIA amongst all their employees. The course provides an overview of the purpose and application of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) as well as the eight data protection principles of POPIA. The main objective of this course is to provide an awareness for how and when POPIA should be applied to protect personal information.


After completing this course, you will have an understanding of:

  1. the purpose of POPIA;
  2. to whom POPIA applies and how it is enforced;
  3. the data protection principles of POPIA; and
  4. the consequences of not complying with POPIA.


Any employee of an organisation dealing with personal information, or anyone that wants to know more about POPIA.

No admission requirements.

Students can register online at any time.

Students will receive confirmation of registration and be allowed access to the learning material, once the required payment for the course has been made.

After studying the material, the student will complete the Final Assessment online.

The student will have access to the course for six months.

See fee at top of page
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Online learning
Learning material will be made available on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Interactive, online learning material has been developed by an industry expert according to industry requirements.

Video 1 – The Rationale for POPIA
The first video provides an overview of the rationale and aims of POPIA by demonstrating the effects of the digital age on the protection of personal information and the importance of safeguarding information.

Video 2 – The Application of POPIA
This video shows an overview of how POPIA must be applied and who is accountable under POPIA.

Video 3 – The Eight Data Protection Principles under POPIA
The third video discusses the eight data protection principles of processing personal information under POPIA. This is an interactive video that demonstrates how these eight principles can be applied in daily business activities.

Video 4 – Consequences of not complying with POPIA
This video discusses the consequences of not complying with POPIA and the steps organisations can follow when the security of personal information was compromised.

Video 5 – Scenarios for applying POPIA
The last interactive video summarises the content of the four videos by providing scenarios of when POPIA is applicable and when it is not.

Assessments are done online. Students have unlimited Self-Assessment attempts and two Final Assessment Attempts.

Students will receive a Digital Certificate of Completion once the Final Assessment has been successfully completed. A pass mark of 60% is required for the Final Assessment.


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