Maintaining Workplace Motivation

2.5 CPD


We are employed to perform a specific job. Often there are those who are performing very well and have high productivity. At the same place of employment there may be someone who displays a lack of motivation and delivers work of poor quality.

This course is designed to provide the learner with an understanding of motivation and what causes a lack of motivation. It will also provide the learner with an overview of the importance of a healthy, holistic work environment, from culture to rewards, and the effect that it has on motivation.
The learner will also gain a basic understanding of motivation theories related to the “what” motivates people and the “how” to motivate them.

The learner is also provided with a number of tips, tools and techniques to encourage and maintain their own motivation and that of their staff


Focus Area

  1. Demonstrate the ability to recognise and understand the causes of a
  2. Understand the importance of the work environment on staff motivation
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge of the tools used to motivate staff.
  4. Understand the tools, tips and techniques for self-motivation as well as those for motivation of your workforce, where applicable

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