Critical Thinking Skills



Accreditation expiry date: 31/05/2024

This course is designed to assist you in understanding what critical thinking actually is and where it originates from. It also endeavours to teach you how to think critically and to improve existing critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Throughout the course, you will be reminded that critical thinking does not come to us naturally. We are not born with it nor does it come with maturity and experience. Critical thinking is a learned skill. You teach yourself critical thinking skills by learning and practicing. You can constantly improve your critical thinking by applying your critical thinking skills to yourself in how you think and act.

Professional Body: FPI
Approval Number: FPI23035407

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • understand what critical thinking actually is and where it originated
  • begin the process of critical thinking
  • understand the importance of critical thinking in both professional and private life
  • understand how to improve your critical thinking skills

Who Should Register

  • Key Individual
  • Compliance Officer
  • Representative
  • Manager
  • Employee


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