Introduction to South African Legislation

3,5 CPD


Accreditation expiry date: 31/05/2025

The legislation affects every aspect of our lives and is created by one of the three pillars of our government, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. This course seeks to assist financial advisors in understanding the process of introducing new laws, the different types of written laws and the impact these laws have on a financial advisor.

Professional Body: FPI
Approval Number: FPI23127725

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • understand the South African legal system and how legislation fits into it.
  • recognise and understand the different sources of South African written law.
  • understand the order of precedence of the different types of written law in South Africa.
  • understand how an Act is structured.
  • understand the recent legislation specifically applicable to financial advisors and how it will affect their business.

Who Should Register

  • Representative
  • Employee


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