TCF – Practical Measures to comply



While the specific outcomes listed under the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) requirements seem self-explanatory, consideration needs to be given to understanding the practical application required to successfully meet these outcomes. This course explores the practical measures required to comply with the TCF outcomes and criteria


Focus Area

  • Understand the need and purpose of TCF.
  • Explain the compliance measures that apply under TCF Outcome 1 on culture and governance.
  • Understand the compliance measures to meet product suitability requirements under TCF Outcome 2.
  • Comply with the disclosure requirements as per TCF Outcome 3.
  • Understand the practical measures to comply with TCF Outcome 4 in relation to furnishing suitable advice to customers.
  • Explain what is required to comply with customer performance and service expectations as outlined in TCF Outcome 5.
  • Comply with service and process requirements in relation to customer claims, complaints and when making product changes as described in TCF Outcome 6.
  • Use results from the self-assessment tool to identify weak areas and gaps and compile an overall compliance plan to meet the TCF requirements.

Who should register?

Financial planners, financial advisors, para-planners and business owners will benefit from enrolling for this course.

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