Ethics – How to impress your clients



This course is designed to provide the learner with a better understanding of the importance of ethical conduct and an ethical business culture.  It will provide the learner with the tools and skills to assist in fostering a culture of ethics and integrity in the organisation through codes of ethics and standards of conduct, training and awareness as well as the significance of leading by example.


Focus Area

  1. Distinguish between ethical and unethical behaviour and conduct – personally and professionally;
  2. Know how and where to report unethical conduct;
  3. Assist in building and maintaining an ethical business culture;
  4. Understand the importance of ethical business culture to clients;
  5. Appreciate the benefits of ethical conduct and integrity to the business;
  6. Protect the reputation of the business (reputational risk).

Who should register?

Financial planners, Financial advisors, Para-planners, Business Owners

CPD information

2 CPD Hours


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